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    Pana chocolate is handmade from 100% natural, organic and raw ingredients with 100% pure essential oils. A decadent vegan treat packed with healthy antioxidants.

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    The 22oz Beverage Bottles are completely free of potentially harmful chemicals found in many plastic bottles and are made from toughened glass, a material that is safe and hard wearing. The bottles can be boiled, steamed, microwaved, or cleaned in a dishwasher without deteriorating, there is no need to replace bottles regularly (unlike plastic bottles)...

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    iBark 100% natural bamboo phone case with snug felt interior to protect your iPhone 5. Lightweight, ergonomic and functional with an engraved print of the work of an Australian artist on the back.


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We Live It started out in 2003 with a passion for sustainability as an eco-retailer and became Australia’s #1 Eco Store with over 2,000 eco products.

Our commitment to sustainability remains as we will still provide Australia’s leading range of eco products as well as continue to scour the globe for the latest eco products – all our eco products will have an ‘eco’ badge demonstrating their eco qualities.

We have a leading range of products from Bokashi Bins to LED Lighting to Energy Saving Devices.