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Makedo tools and connectors are designed to be open-ended, allowing imagination to run free. It's about learning through making and play. Makedo tools are designed to be re-usable, just pull them apart and start making something new.  Build and connect things quickly, neatly and sturdily – unlike sticky tape and glue.

Meet the creator of Makedo, Paul Justin, below the video...

Paul Justin,
creator of Makedo

Melbourne father of four, Paul Justin, invented the Makedo reusable, clip connector kit in 2009 inspired by his children's playful explorations. He saw that adults tend to want to finish off a specific end product, whereas children just go for it and see where their creation ends up. With prior experience in a boutique product design and development agency, Paul was geared to follow through on his idea.

Makedo is a refreshing and creative approach in an era dominated by too much screen time and over-burdened landfill. Children can build anything from a cardboard dog to a spaceship, with boxes, plastic containers, toilet rolls: whatever you rescue from your recycle bin.

Quoted in The Age newspaper, Paul says: "It's a hard slog. I think the market's very used to a very finished kind of package, where they say: 'This is a toaster - I'm getting a toaster. It's really straightforward. Whereas, we're saying: 'Here's some stuff - and what you need to do is go out and find some stuff to make.' You need to tap into your imagination - and it feeds off your passions and your creativity."

We Live Here and Biome we were one of the very first stores to get behind Makedo when it launched in Australia. The toy is now sold in 40 countries including some top tier retailers like Selfridges and the Guggenheim Museum store.

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