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4MyEarth® aim's to help make a difference in healing our earth, starting with the little things. Our products help make it easy for you to change your lifestyle so you can contribute towards a brighter cleaner and happier earth for generations to come. We love developing and finding eco friendly alternate solutions. 4MyEarth® is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Meet the Maker, the story behind 4MyEarth...

4MyEarth food wraps and pockets are the creation of Rebecca Hurst.  Rebecca believes little everyday actions when done by one person can help, and do make a difference.  4MyEarth products help consumers reduce their use of plastic wrap and bags by providing them with a superior high quality alternative that is functional, practical and long lasting.  4MyEarth is a practical solution which helps individuals reduce their impact on landfill.

4MyEarth focuses on making products efficiently that have the least impact on our planet.  Rebecca believes in using the Earth’s resources wisely and making sure 4MyEarth’s impact on the environment is not damaging but an impact that nurtures it for future generations to enjoy.

Rebecca’s products must meet many tough standards that she has set for herself and her company.  4MyEarth’s products must be ethically made by workers who are paid a fair wage with safe workplace conditions, made from quality materials that will last a lifetime, they must be functional and practical and easy to use for everybody, and they must help in reducing the impact we have on our environment.

 An important component for Rebecca was that 4MyEarth’s wraps/pockets could be offered to schools for fundraising.  So not only could she help give back to the community but could also offer parents an easy way for them to help our earth by cutting down of the amount of waste that we create.

Rebecca’s dream has now turned into a thriving business which is growing daily and is now distributed worldwide. 4MyEarth’s product range is always expanding with many new products and ideas that will help contribute to a better and cleaner Earth.

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