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Choose to reuse with Lunchskins resusable sandwich bags.  Lunchskins sandwich help reduce waste and stop plastic from going to landfill.  With bright and modern designs they are perfect for adults and childreen.  Lunchskins were created by 3greenmoms in the USA.

Meet the creators of Lunchskins below the video...

The story behind lunchshkins sandwich bags...

While sitting around a kitchen table in 2008, Cris & Kirsten heard a staggering statistic - every day, more than 20 million sandwich bags from school lunches go into landfills in the USA.  They knew that many families were looking for easy, convenient ways to be green and avoid this kind of waste.  So they put their passion and energy together and 3greenmoms was born.  Their mission: to design a colourful, fresh alternative to the disposable plastic sandwich bag.

Hard as it may seem to believe, the familiar and frequently used plastic sandwich bag has seen little improvement in 40 years.  Disposable plastic may have seemed like a great idea in 1964, but today it is a waste of resources when there are more sustainable alternatives available.  3greenmoms believe that “today, consumers look for products that are healthy for them and healthy for our planet, particularly things they use on a daily basis like disposable plastic sandwich bags”. Although it looks like just a little bag, reusable Lunchskins can make a big difference!

Their number one priority was to find a food-safe fabric; they went straight to the food industry. There, they found a high-quality European fabric used by patisseries and bakeries, that was certified as food-safe. Conveniently, the fabric was durable and withstood high heat making it ideal to withstand repeated cycles in the dishwasher. They came up with some fresh, modern designs and then located a family-owned manufacturer in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to produce the bags.  The vision of 3greenmoms had finally come to life and has since moved forward in leaps and bounds.

Meet the team...

Co-Founder Kirsten Quigley, a graduate of Stanford University, has a background with environmental organisations and as a consultant for non-profits. In addition to juggling tasks with 3greenmoms, she helps manage a small foundation dedicated to youth and the environment.

Co-Founder Cristina (Cris) Bourelly, a graduate of Duke University and Northwestern University School of Law, was once a corporate lawyer in charge of a number of development projects with the World Bank, governmental entities and private companies throughout the developing world.

Creative Director Jennie Stoller Barakat, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, is a Los Angeles based graphic designer. Having lived in New York and worked on projects around the globe, she now has her own firm, Stoller Barakat Design. She is responsible for the design of all of those clever LunchSkin patterns as well as all of the corporate graphics.

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