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Sili Squeeze's are perfect for homemade baby food and smoothies, purees and mashes, as well as ready-made favorites like yogurt and applesauce. Refill your Sili Squeeze or Sili Squeeze with Eeeze with homemade and organic goodness again and again!

The Sili company was founded by Kristin Ahmer in the picturesque town of Post Falls, Idaho. Kristen founded the company so that children could enjoy wholesome, nutrient-rich foods on the go. Kristen is a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother and CEO of the company, along with her dedicated team she works hard to make the adventures of parenthood a little easier, with an environmentally conscious mind.

Try some of these delicious puree ideas...

Baby Apple Pie
Share this traditional dessert-themed dish with your baby.  Simply combine applesauce with rice cereal or oatmeal, add a little spice if your healthcare professional permits and ta-da…Baby Apple Pie! 

Fills one 6 oz. Sili Squeeze
4 oz. prepared oatmeal or rice cereal
2 oz. applesauce
1/8 tsp cinnamon & nutmeg combination, optional

While the oatmeal or rice cereal is still warm, stir in the applesauce and spices.  Combine well.  Serve warm while the rest of the family is enjoying dessert.

A, B’s & Peas
It may seem odd, but the combination of applesauce, broccoli and peas is a super sweet combo for your baby over 6+ months.  This is a great nutrition boost from plain applesauce when giving your little one a snack on-the-go.

Fills one 6 oz. Sili Squeeze
3 oz. broccoli, steamed until tender
1 oz. peas, steamed until tender
1.5 oz. applesauce

Puree the above ingredients until smooth.  Serve this wonderfully, healthy snack to your little one cold or room temperature.

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