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The JOCO reusable coffee cup was designed by Melbourne based Art-Director and designer Jimmy Gleeson.  With an ethical mindset the JOCO cup was designed to be environmentally friendly as well as fit in with people’s coffee lifestyle and culture.  The JOCO is designed to be environmentally sustainable using glass and silicone both of which can be recycled at the end of the cup’s life, while at the same time is incredibly sturdy and of a high quality ensuring a long product life.

The JOCO was designed with a unique cyclonic base shape that pulls the contents of the cup into the centre, meaning that your sugar is completely dissolved more quickly without any leftover sugary goo in the bottom of the cup.  The contents of the cup are also insulated via the thick base, silicone band and no spill lid; making the design of the cup very sustainable.

The JOCO team have a simple and honest philosophy: “glass lasts longer, never affects flavour and looks good for the long run. Taste and intelligence, you see, are what make JOCO the ‘Cups That Care’.)

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    A sturdy and ergonomic glass reusable coffee cup with a thermal silicone sleeve and splash safe lid. The unique base shape pulls the contents to the center, improving dissolve and balancing taste. Barista certified, 350ml.

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