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Great tasting all natural organic toothpaste without fluoride or sugar that is hypoallergenic with packaging designed to be minimal, recyclable and BPA Free. Your kids will learn to love brushing their teeth.

Jack 'n' Jill, the natural toothpaste everyone wanted...

Jack ‘n’ Jill toothpaste was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1949.  The company has been a family business for the past 20 years.  Jack ‘n’ Jill made the switch to producing safe and natural toothpaste for children and children at heart in 2008 when Justin and Rachel’s first son Dali was ready to start brushing.  They were frustrated with the lack of safe, natural toothpastes, so they decided the only option was to revive the old family business and do it themselves.

While creating a completely natural toothpaste that children would not only enjoy but work was no easy feat, but as these things work out Justin was a pharmacist in his past career.  There were many nights spent in the lab experimenting with different formulas (and not without a fair share of swearing or so we’ve been told) Justin was able to formulate a safe, natural toothpaste using  organic ingredients.  He also managed to give them flavours that children love.

Jack and Jill toothpaste is 100% safe for young children - especially because they have a tendency to swallow it! Rachel used her past creative endeavours as a working photographer to design the Jack ‘n’ Jill packaging to be appealing to children and cute enough that parents won't mind them sitting on their bathroom vanity. Alongside the toothpaste they designed and manufactured the first children's toothbrushes that are made of corn starch, and are therefore biodegradable and recyclable.

Rachel and Justin believe that businesses have an obligation to the environment, which helped them achieve formulating an all-natural, hypoallergenic toothpaste with organic ingredients, and designed their packaging to be minimal, recyclable and BPA Free.

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