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Pure and Green may have launched on the Australian market in August 2009, but CEO Grace started the journey long before that.  Many people assume that Grace grew up in a 'health commune' or was raised by 'hippy' parents.  However Grace confirms that she "grew up in an ordinary suburban family where processed junk food was the 'treat' for the week."  It wasn't until being pregnant with her first child when developed a skin condition that Grace began to really consider the chemicals and toxins that she was coming in contact with every day. Grace believes that "pregnancy is the time when women are at their most receptive to new ideas and I was no exception!"

biopackGrace had her ‘lightbulb’ moment when she read ‘Dangerous Beauty’ by Dr Dingle.  By reading that book she gained much needed ingredient knowledge and began to question whether the ‘organic’ remedies she had been buying were actually organic and free from toxins.  Grace spent an afternoon sitting on her bathroom floor sorting through her cupboards until only one product met her standards.  It was clear that if she were to find a range of products that measured up, Grace would have to make them herself.

Grace started Pure and Green with the mission to have entire product range approved as organic by Australian Certified Organic.  Australian Certified Organic requires that at least 95% of all the ingredients by mass need to be organic, the product contain now synthetic materials or vitamins and none of the ingredients can be extracted by non-organic means, making Australian Certified Organic the strictest certification in Australia.

After countless hours of work creating Pure and Green Grace’s mission was complete; and it had gone above and beyond what anyone could have imagined.  The entire Pure and Green product range is certified organic, cruelty free and vegan and boasts some 1sts in terms of eco-packaging initiatives. They were the first in Australia to use 100% PCR cardboard overcaps on their cream products and the first to use plant based compostable packaging for their range of liquid products. Their pioneering spirit continues today as they continue to look for new packaging initiatives to adopt for their products.


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