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Burstenhaus Redecker was established in 1935 by Friedrich Redecker who, after becoming blind at the age of four, mastered the artisan craft of brush making.

Today, the Redecker company remains family owned and stands for the successful combination of design, functionality and use of beautiful, sustainable wood and natural, ethically sourced fibres. With traditional hand threading being increasingly replaced by machines there are very few people worldwide who have mastered the intracies of this craft. However, Redecker's son continues to pass on his knowledge to anyone interested, and – of course – to those who work in the Redecker brush factory.

Redecker has been family owned for 75 years and is now in its third generation. Through his entrepreneurial spirit Friedrich built up a small company over time and was able to provide for his wife and three sons. When Friedrich passed away in 1986 at age 72 it seemed that that was the end of his small brush making company as none of his sons wished to carry on the tradition. His youngest son Gernot Redecker and his wife decided they would work off the remaining materials and sell the brushes at a local market stall. All the brushes were sold out during the first weekend of the market stall – more materials were ordered. Soon the little company that none of the sons wished to continue was booming and the Redecker legacy lived on.

The company quickly grew and expanded out of the family cellar into a renovated barn and finally into new offices and warehouse space. The Redecker Company was no longer just selling at small market stalls they were wholesaling internationally and exhibiting at the top trade fairs. Friedrich would never have thought his little brush making business would become so big.

In 2009 one of the two children, Felix Redecker, joined the company. The continuation of the “Redecker family tradition” into the third generation has been secured. Learn more about traditional hand threading.

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