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Pana chocolate is handmade from 100% natural organic and raw ingredients with 100% pure essential oils.

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The story behind Pana raw chocolate... 

Pana Chocolates was founded by Pana Barbounis. Pana is the resident chocolatier, he lives in Melbourne and operates his business from Port Melbourne, Victoria.  Pana has been the Director / Owner of many Melbourne cafes & restaurants for over 20 years. He is passionate about raw and slow food. Taste is also important and Pana enjoys bringing people together to experience the enjoyment of cooking food through love, health and happiness. Pana never compromises on ingredients by ensuring good quality organic ingredients are used to deliver the best flavours, texture and taste in a very balanced way.

The Pana Chocolate brand began with a dream to make a lovingly manufactured, richly textured yet healthy chocolate.  Pana's dream of an organic, raw yet great tasting chocolate has been created in a range of chocolates unrivalled in the world for quality ingredients, loving preparation with a rich delicious texture that is also healthy. Pana Chocolate's mandate is that everyone, regardless of dietary requirements, can enjoy the variety of chocolate they make.

While chocolate has for centuries invoked thoughts of decadence, love, romance and a sense for the forbidden with over indulgence a constant worry, chocolate can actually be good for you. Hard though it is to believe, chocolate produced from organic, raw ingredients, containing no refined sugars and produced using minimal heat (and with loving intention) will deliver vital antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. And it can still taste amazing and deliver that texture and feeling of decadence and luxury. Pana Chocolates are as healthy as as they are luxurious.

Using the finest raw organic ingredients from trusted suppliers, Pana Chocolate has achieved that elusive dream of a quality, lovingly prepared, organic, raw yet great tasting chocolate with absolutely no added nasties.

Pana is a father of two children who inspire him to live a more balanced lifestyle with his organic produce from his very own garden, his loving pet chickens and his passion to cook from his personally-constructed wood oven. His passion is to bring joy to everyones faces with the love of good quality food and to live life in a more harmonious way.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items