The Importance of Chiropractic

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Chiropractic in Melbourne is very effective for sprains and strains. Low back pain is commonly caused by sprains and strains. A low back pain strain occurs when the muscles of the lower back are stretched abnormally or torn. A sprain occurs when the ligaments (tissue responsible for holding the bone together are torn from their normal position. As the symptoms are similar in both cases, it becomes very difficult to differentiate between them. The healing time of sprains is much more than the healing time of strains due to the less supply of blood to the ligaments.


The muscles of the lower back are responsible for supporting the spine. It also supports the body’s weight at and above the lower back. It is very important for the better movement of the bones in the back. It allows us to bend and turn and perform all the daily activities. Due to this demand, it is more prone to injury than any other portion of the body. If the ligament or the muscle is injured, the stability of the spine is affected and the muscles will lose the ability to hold the spinal bones in their proper location.

If you are having any of the above-mentioned conditions then you should make an appointment with a chiropractor. A chiropractor is a special type of doctor that deals with the treatment of misaligned joints. Many people have a question on their mind that Is Chiropractic Work Effective. Well, you should go to a chiropractor and see the results yourself.


Is Chiropractic Work Effective?

Chiropractic is an effective method of treatment of sprains and strains. Chiropractors recommend therapeutic exercises and perform physiotherapy to restore the injured ligaments and muscles to their normal condition. They are the specialists of spine problems. They are very efficient in putting the spinal bones back in their position.…

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Neolid finds innovation in our daily problems

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Twizz is the brainchild of Neolid founder Nicolas Frolin. The company was started in 2012 with the innovative idea of leak proof, insulated and lidless travel mug. Neolid has taken the basic struggle we all deal with – trying to the find the lid that goes with the right container – and found an elegant and clever solution that goes above and beyond – Twizz.


The patented design uses a membrane to securely seal the Twizz preventing any leaks. The all in one travel mug is a unique invention that has already garnered this little company a lot of praise. Twizz’s innovative nature has earned it several awards this year at the Concours Lépine in Paris, and an swathe of awards in the Competition Lépine, which just ended in Strasbourg.

While Neolid may only be a young company it is certainly punching above its weight with Twizz replicas already appearing on the market. Though while imitation might be the greatest form of flattery to some Neolid believe theirs is still the only choice. “The closure system is not fully functional, we are currently, analyzing to see if these products contain bisphenol A, that we do not use, of course.”

Neolid is dedicated to finding the elegant and innovative solution to the common problems we all face day to day. They are a committed team of designers and thinkers who will no doubt come up with some just as revolutionary as Twizz in the near future.

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