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Congratulations to the winner of our May Competition Raewyn!  Our next competition will begin Monday June 2nd.

Win a Thames & Kosmos GLobal Warming experiment kit

What does the kit include?

Global warming — the steady increase in Earth’s air and ocean temperatures since the mid-20th century — is one of the most discussed and studied topics in the scientific community today. This kit introduces you to Earth’s climate and the issue of global warming with 23 hands-on experiments.

Learn about Earth’s climate system, weather, and atmosphere by conducting experiments with a model Earth and atmosphere. Explore the hydrological cycle to learn about humidity, clouds, and precipitation. Model Earth’s heat reservoirs, thermals, global and local winds, and ocean currents.

Next, learn how human activity influences the climate with experiments involving carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect. Measure the effects that increased levels of carbon dioxide have on the temperature of air. Learn about how warming affects the Gulf stream.

Finally, investigate the potential consequences of global warming on humans, ecosystems, and the world’s economies. Learn what we can do to protect the climate.

General competition conditions:

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