Do Australian households have sufficient life insurance?


While superannuation life insurance has helped bridge the insurance gap, folks will need to bear in mind that this is simply a default level of pay. You need to assess whether the cover offered by your super is sufficient to give financial security if you should pass away.

To assist you, we have done the hard yards and broken down these records into digestible bits, so you know what is covered. But before you to pick a policy you should really look through the coverage for yourself to make certain that there is not any fine print you do not wish to agree to. It is just common sense. But we’ve got your back there also.

A 2015 report from Rice Warner revealed that:

  • Typical default cover for young families is about 30 percent of what they actually need.
  • Typical default option for those who have no dependents is 60 percent of what they actually need.

That is why it’s worth reviewing your cover choices.


The vast majority of Australians insure their vehicle, but just a small number insure their life or their earnings. Meanwhile, around 20 percent of mortgage defaults are because of an accident or injury to somebody in the household.


Why not value life insurance?

More than 50 percent more Australians think life insurance is the most expensive type of insurance compared to those who leave it is auto insurance – if in fact this is not always true.

A longer waiting period means lower premiums but this raises the probability of you needing to dig into your personal savings to pay living expenses. It’s important to choose how long you can manage your household with no income before picking the waiting terms.  For valuable information, head to