ownithomes.com.au review


Ownithomes.com is a great site and company to look at if you want a home to be professionally and beautifully designed by experts that are in the field for many years. Since its opening in 1972, Own It Homes have helped multiple families design and build their dream homes. It was founded by brothers Paul and Peter Ganim and since then has been family owned and provides top notch quality services for their customers. As they are a family business, it is one of their top priorities to put the customer first, They are renowned for their top customer care and service. The owners will frequently meet with their clients and personally visit all of their projects and sites to fully access the situation. With their professionalism and care, many families have, over the years, built several more homes after their first ones.


Ownit Homes offer many beautiful and professional looking for designer homes in Brisbane and designs that include a lot of varieties and options that homeowners themselves can choose, to make sure that each home is unique. They are dedicated to building a home that will suit your own special lifestyle and needs. Ownit Homes focus on quality and customer satisfaction, all of their designs are completed with top quality finishes and fittings so you are able to move in and live in as soon as they hand you the keys.


Another great thing about Ownit Homes is they are honest and upfront with their customers, whatever the price they show you, is the price you will pay. There will be no hidden costs or fees. Their honesty and fairness one of the reasons why customers have done many repeated business with them. Ownit Homes also has one of the best rates, square meter rate plus inclusions, in Australia.


So if you are looking for top quality house building service, along with great customer care and expertise in the field, consider Ownit Homes, as they offer the best service in their field.