we found it, we love it, we live it!


We Live It introduces the clever, resourceful and optimistic inventions of passionate people.

Find some highlights of our recent discoveries and their stories here.

We’ve actually been doing this since 2003 as Todae and now with a revitalised approach as part of the Biome community.

We connect consumers with product creators and makers who see a better way of doing things and who bring value to our lives.

Our mission is to discover innovative and meaningful products that will help you create a world that reflects your values.

We tell the stories behind the products so that you can better know the people you are supporting with your purchasing.

Each discovery satisfies several of the things we value deeply.  We hope you find a match for what matters to you:

  • Made in Australia.
  • Uses our planet’s limited resources wisely.
  • Preserves traditional, hand-made ways.
  • Embraces renewable energy sources.
  • Promotes social justice and community development.
  • Makes you think “That’s a brilliant solution, why didn’t I think of that?”
  • Offers a solution for the end of the product’s life.

Sell with us

With our savvy and mindful community, the We Live It platform gives producers the chance to make their ideas fly.

Over 10 years we have helped many small producers with a great idea along the road to a sustainable and successful business. We have been the first retailers in Australia to identify and launch many better ways of living on our planet.

We can introduce you to a significant and influential community of people that value integrity, intelligent and stylish design, and who want their purchases to have meaning.

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Our history

We Live It is the result of bringing together Australia's two original and leading ethical and environment-minded retailers. For 10 years, Biome and Todae have been at the forefront of introducing the newest eco friendly innovations and solutions. In September 2012, Todae Lifestyle online store joined the Biome community, while Todae Solar became a separate entity providing solar installations.

Through two physical stores in Brisbane and an online store, Biome specialises in creating a safe, non toxic home and a reusable lifestyle.  Water bottles here >

Contact us

Please email or call us on 1300 138 483 Mon to Fri - AEST from 10am - 5pm (we are in Brisbane and one hour behind Sydney daylight saving time).

We Live It is owned by Biome Living Pty Ltd (ABN: 61106871434)