Converting Affiliate Program

You are invited to partner with We Live It and join a successful team of Affiliates selling our leading range of high quality, trendy and stylish lifestyle products for the home with something for every room of the house.

We Live It's Affiliate program provides great benefits to its partners:

  • Earn a minimum 10% commission / revenue share with high grossing affiliates earning up to 25%
  • Long cookie life of 120 days
  • As high as 5% conversion rate on sales sitewide
  • High average order value - $120 AOV
  • You receive commission on all products that your referred customer purchases, not just the initial product they clicked on
  • Marketing material available for affiliates include:
  • Join Australia's Fastest Growing & High Banner advertisements of various sizes
  • Pre approved content and images to upload to your website:
    • Banner advertisements of various sizes
    • Dedicated landing pages
    • Dedicated Account Managers - our expert team offer advice, help and support so you get the best possible results from promoting our products
  • Payments are remitted monthly in the second month following the sales transaction
  • Online and secure control panel to check sales in real time
  • We Live It handles all customer service, post sales support and tracking of sales so you can concentrate on selling
  • Simple and quick application process, so you can start earning commission fast
  • No financial outlay is necessary
  • Read our FAQs for more detailed information

Joining is free and easy! clixGalore monitors your sales and pays out your commissions. New members, join the clixGalore network now. Just look for our affiliate program once you join and we'll review your site and approve you!


If you require further information regarding, please contact us at

Affiliate Program FAQs

Q: Who are We Live It?
A: We Live It is Australia's largest Lifestyle Store offering a leading range of high quality, trendy and stylish lifestyle products for the home with something for every room of the house. Our range of affordable but unique and creative designer products allows you to express your personality in your home.

Q: How can I ensure that all of my referrals will be accounted for?
A: You will be issued with an Affiliate ID. This affiliate ID is included in the URL when you send users to our product information, download or purchase websites. This URL then drops a cookie on the users PC, which is cross checked during the checkout process on our shopping cart.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: You can sign up online, please click here to sign up now

Q: How much commission do you pay?
A: We pay a minimum 10% commission on all products sold, with high grossing affiliates earning a lot more

Q: Do you pay any type of extra commission?
A: Yes, we provide higher commission depending on sale success, or from achieving a target from a sales promotion we are running at the time.

Q: How are payments handled?
A: Payment is remitted once per month and processed in the second billing cycle following the sales transaction period. Payments are handled by our partner affiliate platform - clixGalore.

Q: What sort of assistance do you provide to your Affiliates?
A: We can provide copy and content regarding all products available for sale at We Live It for your site, images, banner ads, links, testimonials, reviews, articles, HTML emails and more. You will also have a dedicated Account Manager who will provide you assistance and advice to ensure you get the most success out of partnering with us.

Q: Is there any financial cost to become an Affiliate?
A: No - it's a free program to join.

Q: Do you have policies and guidelines for Affiliates?
A: Yes we do. Below are a brief set of guidelines that we expect Affiliates to adhere to when promoting our products. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may be grounds for immediate termination. Please take a moment to review them. Affiliates must:

  • ensure that all material presented on the affiliate's website represent We Live It in an professional, accurate and positive manner
  • not send unsolicited or spam email to promote We Live It products
  • provide original copy, images and navigation to promote We Live It products on the affiliated website, not directly copy the We Live It website
  • not use search technology such as Google ad words or overture to drive traffic to the affiliated website unless the affiliate is adding value or content above and beyond what is presently on the We Live It website
  • not use ad words which include We Live It trademarked product names or copyrighted material
  • are responsible for maintaining all information pertaining to We Live It products on the affiliate's website
  • ensure their websites have a minimum 99.9% uptime, and be regularly maintained with up to date and relevant information
  • not endorse We Live It on any websites that are involved with the following:
    • violence
    • discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
    • illegal activities
    • violation of intellectual property rights
    • no clearly stated online privacy policy
    • is considered offensive or inappropriate at We Live It's discretion

Q: I have more questions, who can I ask?
A: If you have any other questions please contact us at

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