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Brightgreen Cube W900 All in One 16w LED Wall Light Fitting



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For indirect lighting applications, the W900 Cube wall light casts a bright, diffuse light upon surfaces such as walls and ceilings, making spaces appear brighter and more spacious.

This fitting is perfect for spaces where a bright light isn't wanted.  Perfect for creating ambient light in home theatres and living rooms.

Please note the W900 is a special order item that may take 2 to 3 weeks to become available.

For more information on the W200 Cube from Brightgreen download the data sheet.

Download the Brightgreen App to find out how much money your new LED light bulbs will save you and use the built in lighting designer to work out how many lights you need for each room.

The W900 cube is also available in the more traditional Curve W900.

See the whole Brightgreen range.

What is the Brightgreen Cube series?

The Brightgreen Cube Series is the first of its kind.  Brightgreen have managed to create a lens for their complete lighting units that allows them to manipulate the light into squares and rectangles with straight edges and precise square corners.  This means you can light your room with minimal overlap and no dark spots that round lights can miss.

7 year warranty

Please note the Brightgreen W900 Curve must be installed by a qualified electrician.

Environmentally Sustainable Our lights last up to 70,000 hours - that's 30 years at 5 hours use per day, which has been approved by NATA testing. Eventually when they do expire, 30 years down the track, Brightgreen will buy back your used units for $1. All the parts are recyclable too.

Insect Free Brightgreen lights are designed to operate within the tight visual spectrum of humans.

Fire Free At an average operating temperature of 60°C, Brightgreen lights are among the coolest in the market. This means a zero risk of fire and 100% peace of mind. Low operating temperatures also means you save money on cooling during the warm months.

UV Free With Brightgreen LEDs there’s no UV, so there’s no longer any need to wear sunblock indoors. Your furnishings will also stay fade free.

Instant Start-up It’s not rocket science. When you flick the switch, our lights turn on instantly. That’s handy.

Heavy Metal Free Brightgreen lights are free from all harmful materials, including mercury and lead, which are both found in CFLs and other LEDs.

Flicker Free CFLs and most LEDs operate by flashing at rapid rates, continuously creating the illusion that they are on all the time. The result is eyestrain, headaches and bad moods. Brightgreen LEDs are solid-state, which means they’re always on.

Built-In Spike Protection Australian power supplies are some of the world’s most volatile, resulting in millions of products failing every year. Brightgreen lights are protected by a built-in 3100V spike arrester (4000V for most of our retrofit range), well above the standard 240V supply.

Lumen Rating: 894lm

Light Quality(CRI): 90+

Efficacy: 56 lm/W

Colour Temp: 3000k

IP Rating: IP44

Wattage: 16W

Fascia: White or Silver

Beam Angle: Diffuse

Lifetime* (Ta35º): 70,000hrs (approximate not guaranteed)

Input Voltage: 220-240V

Gimble Angle: N/A

Ambient Temp.: -28 to 50º

Operating Temp.: -20 to 85º

Luminaire Class: IEC 60598-1:2008

Install Clearance: 20mm


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Brightgreen Cube W900 All in One 16w LED Wall Light Fitting

Brightgreen Cube W900 All in One 16w LED Wall Light Fitting

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