When is the best time to visit Brisbane


Brisbane is the capital of Queensland in Australia and the third largest city in the country. It is popular for many tourist attractions like the City Hall, South Bank Parklands and Botanic Gardens. Many tourists who are planning to visit Brisbane for sightseeing the city would like to find out when is the best time to visit Brisbane. Usually the best time to visit the city is from March to June since the weather in the city and surrounding areas is pleasant, and there are also a number of cultural activities which are planned during this period which the tourists can enjoy.


Since Brisbane is located in the Southern hemisphere, during December and January, many tourists from England and other countries in Europe, North America, visit it to escape the cold weather. Brisbane is close to the coast and has pleasant weather throughout the year. The period from December to March corresponds to summer in Brisbane, and the temperatures and humidity levels are higher. There is heavy rainfall during this period, so the hotel room rates are usually lower, and the hotels are less crowded so this is the best time to booked for long term accommodation in Brisbane. Hence tourists can get a good deal during this period, pay less for food and hotel stay.


However, statistical data, indicates that the maximum number of tourists visit Brisbane during May and June. This period corresponds to autumn in Brisbane, with pleasant weather, making it popular among tourists from Asia and elsewhere who wish to escape the high summer temperatures. There are also events like Bike Week and Out of the Box festival. Due to an increase in the number of tourists the hotel room rates and airfares are higher. It may also be difficult to get a hotel room at a reasonable rate. Hence based on the budget of the tourist, and the place where he is from, the best time for visiting Brisbane will vary.